Harp of God Ministries, Inc.

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Harp of God Ministry
(313) 530-7137

This ministry started with a prophecy and a vision. In February 2012 while being in the service of feeding the hungry program, Apostle Foster was lead to pray for everyone that was there that day. This had to be a very special day because all the recipients that day were men.

While praying Bro. Bill was given special encouraging words that the Lord wanted to use his skills and his ability to communicate with others of the same like conditions letting them know that God really love them. God gave Bro. Bill a vision that he was suppose to assist in assisting others and helping the others food ministries that he was receiving help from. Because Bro. Bill appreciated the services he brought the idea to Apostle Connie wondering how he could help knowing that he was in need of these services himself.

In the month of March 2012 Apostle Foster and Bro. Bill did an interview about the food ministries and how they had been a help for him. The video was placed on YOUTUBE called Harp of God Ministry interview with Bro. Bill. This presentation was viewed by others and this ministry was established. Our very first flyers and handouts were printed by Mr. Dave Sweet of the Hamtramck Review. From that you-tube interview and passing out flyers we got our very first donations, we was so excited that others had caught the vision and that a spark turned into a flame.

In September 2012 a board was formed with 6 people sadly to say that one deceased but was replaced by another faithful member. We also have a team of advisors as well which makes our board of 9 members.

In our first year we was able to donate to 13 other ministries and formed 3 more which total 16 ministries. 13 food ministries, 2 residential for feeding and clothing and 1 ministry called Mother’s in Pain. The very first year we donated 4,160.00.

In May 2013 the name was changed from food ministry to food ministry in collaboration (FMIC). As the need grows our passion grows. Our donations of clothing and food have been successful but our need is still great. We operate on a very small budget of 5% and the 95% goes directly into the ministry. We thank God for all our volunteer servants and services.

With the total help of our donors we’ve donated since 2012 till current year of 2014 approximately 14,200.00 for help to these other ministries which include in-kind donations as well. On June 12, 2014 FMIC partnered with DMC for onsite enrollment with Medicaid Health Ins. Every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Thursday from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm until their goal is reached. We know that this ministry is a blessing from God and we look forward to continue to bless God’s people while they are in need. All donations are given of equal share amount to the 16 ministries that is a part of the FMIC. Thanks again to our current donors as well as those who will join us in the near future.









William Zenuen; Founder, President & Advisor

Connie Foster, Director

 Connie Foster, Secretary

Vanessa Bracey, Treasurer

David Coulter– Tara Ali, Fund Raising Committee

Demetria White– Kenneth Mack, Program Managers


Mission Statement: to provide food , clothing and emergency supplies to as many people as possible with the help of surrounding churches and ministries.

Vision Statement: with the supply of food and emergency supplies that we provide we would be able to give people in need a opportunity to change their quality of life from gaining strength and moral support on a daily or weekly basics according to their needs.

Cass Community Social Services
11850 Woodrow Wilson
Detroit MI 48206
(313) 883-2277 
People's Community Church
8601 Woodward
Detroit MI 48202 
(313) 871-4676 


St. Matthews & St. Joseph's Church
8850 Woodward
Detroit MI 48202 
(313) 871-4750 
Greater St. Matthew Baptist Church
396 Labelle
Highland Park MI 48203
(313) 267-6527


St. Luke AME Church
363 Labelle St
Highland Park MI 48203
                                                 (313) 868-7707                                               
Maintenance To Mission Outreach
Held @ People's Community Church
8601 Woodward
Detroit MI 48202
                                                 (313) 871-4676                                                 
Park United Presbyterian Church
14 Cortland St
Highland Park, MI 48203
(313) 868-5866 


Corinthian Baptist Church
1725 Caniff St
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 868-7664 
Salvation Army 
Bed & Bread Club Food Trucks
Woodward & Harmon 
Detroit MI 48202